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These are real comments from real students. All comments are posted.

"A really easy, and effective method of Traffic School. Well worth it. Highly recommended."
Joseph R. - San Bernardino, California

"This was fast and easy and I had no difficulty in completing this course. As for question 3, while I did get a 'refresher' on some laws, all it takes to be a safe driver, avoid future tickets as well as complete this course is common sense. Thanks for providing such a stress free online traffic school!"
Gina W. - Sacramento, California

"good work"
Scott C. - Marin, California

"Well organized and good content."
Charles R. - Santa Clara, California

"It was a great test! "
Rebecca T. - Tulare, California

"it's a good traffic school"
Amirhoushang M. - Santa Clara, California

"This was a very good course. Very well-written and clear."
Jeffrey L. - Merced, California

"Great, easy, and fast! I'll always be using this website for now own for future traffic school needs."
John P. - Santa Clara, California

"I recommend every one can use the green light traffic school. Good job Lawrence"
Ranmuni D. - Santa Clara, California

"Piece of cake!!"
Nrupenbhai P. - Fresno, California

"This course was easy to read and easy to understand. Thank you."
Linda S. - Riverside, California

"Great lesson materials!"
Kirsten Z. - Alameda, California

"Good webside user frendly"
Manuel V. - Santa Clara, California

"Wonderful company! Very professional and cost was great!"
Patricia G. - San Joaquin, California

"Green light traffic school, is cool and legit, i recommend, check em out. "
Juan F. - Riverside, California

Sam S. - San Francisco, California

"Great course! I enjoyed the attempts to interject humor. The DMV source material can be quite dry. Thank you!"
Brian H. - Riverside, California

"I am very pleased with your company."
Michael R. - Kern, California

"Great course! Thanks! "
Karen K. - Los Angeles, California

"Thank you for a very easy and user-friendly experience."
Charles K. - Orange, California

"Thank you"
Johnny A. - Orange, California

"this was a great traffic school"
Simon paez M. - Fresno, California

"Great course. Thank you!"
Meredith E. - San Mateo, California

"Courtney was great for answering my questions about the price options and their differences. He also gave me a promo code, which was a nice bonus! I will be recommending this to my family members. Thank you!"
Cathy H. - Santa Clara, California

"Thanks, it is good to refresh the memory of all the laws and ordinances. "
Edward K. - Los Angeles, California

"Thanks this was a great program. I really liked the way you made the lesson more fun to learn through a great use of humor. Thank you for making this easier on me"
John B. - Santa Clara, California

"I love you guys, keep up with the good work!!!!!"
John M. - Alameda, California

"It was nice to take classes through this traffic school."
Sungmin K. - Los Angeles, California

"Great school. I would add to the course this: If you see a drunk driver ahead of you stay behind them, get their license plate number and call 911 if you have a cell phone after stopping to the side of the road. if you pass them and get stopped at a red light they may rear end you!!!"
Mick J. - Riverside, California

"Very Easy to enroll...I would recommend this to others!"
Alexis L. - Yuba, California

"It was a good course."
Christopher G. - Sacramento, California

"I thought this test was very informative and easy to understand. Thank You."
Deborah B. - Orange, California

"Best online course ever. I will recommend it to everyone I know."
Ante M. - Orange, California

"during the quiz, for the question regarding wearing ear buds I hit the correct answer (true) three times and it indicated the answer was true but that I had answered incorrectly. I then hit false and it indicated I had gotten the answer right."
Tracy S. - Kings, California

"This course was user-friendly, and covered driving issues about which we oftentimes give little thought. "
Dennis S. - San Bernardino, California

"all can say is that it is....excellent"
Anna C. - San Bernardino, California

Jalachandra J. - Santa Clara, California

"Great course! "
Robyn U. - Solano, California

"Very helpful instructions and questions. I like the course it refresh my mind for some of the traffic rules. and good customer service. Thank you "
Almaz Y. - Alameda, California

"Thanks for the great traffic school online. Very easy to go at my own pace. I will totally recommend this site to others looking to attend traffic school online."
David B. - Sacramento, California

"Very satisfied"
Robert L. - Los Angeles, California

"Thank you"
Josh W. - Yuba, California

"It would have been nice to have some video instruction to break up the monotony of reading everything. Also, I thought the fact that you did not identify and break-out the total cost was a little deceiving. You, along with a bunch of other online driving schools post one price but when we sign-up, we find out all the miscellaneous cost. I do not like that sort of business practice. "
Richard G. - Los Angeles, California

"Great course!"
Nathan C. - Orange, California

"Well written course and broken into manageable study units. Thanks."
Kimberly C. - Alameda, California

"I passed!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Anna Y. - Sacramento, California

"At some places in the last chapter the author indicated that "later on" we will learn certain things but the chapter is the last chapter so I think those were mistakes. "
Clare Y. - Santa Clara, California

"I had problems logging on toward the end and had to use online chat after getting no response from email. My main criticism is that the combination of the sans serif typeface, the long line lengths and the single spacing of the paragraphs made it rather hard to read the text portion of the course. Serif is easier to read in general!"
Jennifer B. - Los Angeles, California

"thank you please send confirmation asap please "
Crystal B. - Tehama, California

"thank you please send confirmation asap please "
Crystal B. - Tehama, California

"Thank YOU very much please send me verification asap as well as to the courts"
Crystal B. - Tehama, California

"Thanks! This was a painless, informative way to complete Traffic School."
Janna H. - Alameda, California

"Thank you"
Robert P. - Alameda, California

"thank you"
Mari W. - Orange, California

"Thank you for putting this course together. We think we know it all... but we do not."
Bradford C. - Orange, California

Brenda P. - Tulare, California

"This was a good course. Not too easy and not boring. I enjoyed some of the humor in the reading. "
Veronica M. - Los Angeles, California

"awesome traffic school i will definitely recommend"
Michelle K. - San Diego, California

Michael G. - Santa Clara, California

"Thank you for making this as reasonably painless as possible!"
Laurie B. - San Mateo, California

"There were a lot of choices of traffic schools on the county's lists so I randomly picked about 8 to browse their websites first. Green Light offered a demo, three price choices and their chat offered a discount code. I am glad that I selected Green Light Traffic School. I was able to pass the test the first time around! Teresa."
Teresa P. - Santa Barbara, California

"This all worked just as promised. Very happy"
Jonathan B. - Los Angeles, California

"i graded 10 because its fast and easy to get in..."
Mary ann B. - San Joaquin, California

"It was very helpful."
Rajvir J. - Sacramento, California

"This website was structured very well, and I was able to register and complete the course very quickly. Thank you."
Christopher L. - Alameda, California

"very informative course"
Carmen C. - San Bernardino, California

"good course "
Steve S. - Los Angeles, California

"This course was good. I will recommend to others who may need your service! Thanks!"
Louise W. - Los Angeles, California

"Great experience. Self paced, slightly fun (as fun as Traffic School can be...) and easy. Hopefully I do not have yo attend Traffic School again, but if I do, I will certainly use Green Light Traffic School!"
Monterey M. - Santa Clara, California

"thank you"
Anna B. - Los Angeles, California

"Not bad. I enjoyed the author's anecdotal comments. Would have liked to see the alternative to insurance (bond or something). :)"
John I. - San Diego, California

"Excellent traffic school. Easy, understandable, and extremely clear."
Dan K. - Santa Clara, California

"The Pricing was false pricing. It did not mention the extra package you had to pay for!! NOT COOL!!!"
Dion M. - Los Angeles, California

Marshall U. - Riverside, California

Daisy I. - San Diego, California

"thank you for a great site and easy method you displayed the info and questions."
Elizabeth O. - Alameda, California

"Excellent course and online service."
Keith R. - San Diego, California

"Hi, thank you for providing traffic school as an online course. Nancy Aouad"
Nancy jean A. - Ventura, California

Derek S. - Orange, California

John G. - Orange, California

"This Traffic School course was very easy and got straight to the point. I breezed right through it!! I highly recommend it."
Alyssa L. - Kern, California

"Awesome. I hope I never have to use you again though. No offense."
Florentino A. - San Bernardino, California

Shammi W. - Los Angeles, California

"The course was great! Easy to follow and had plenty of humor to make it fun and enjoyable text to read. Thank you."
Christina G. - San Bernardino, California

"Fantastic wonderful course! Thank you for the new info! "
Tomasa B. - Los Angeles, California

"Awesome site!! Thank You!!"
Louis F. - Santa Clara, California

"Excellent course!"
Marianne D. - San Francisco, California

"This was my first ever traffic course and it was very simple to understand and navigate. Thank you."
Lyndsay K. - Los Angeles, California

"very easy nice to have on line help too ."
Michael F. - Orange, California

"very good, easy to use, informative"
Kathryn M. - Orange, California

"Easy and productive!"
Mina S. - Los Angeles, California

"Thank you for this great course!"
Amine C. - Los Angeles, California

"Very happy"
Catheleen M. - Riverside, California

"Made material interesting to read, thanks!"
Kayla H. - Lassen, California

"Very informative and easy to use! "
Bianca marie G. - Glenn, California

"friendly user"
Ariel S. - Los Angeles, California

"thank you"
Maeis K. - Los Angeles, California

"good and easy "
Eusebio A. - Imperial, California

"Great class and very reasonable. Very informative and enjoyable - too a point. I am glad that I found your class and I would highly recommend it to others in need."
Brent B. - San Diego, California

"When I visited the site, I was immediately offered the opportunity to on-line chat with Elizabeth. She was very friendly and answered all my questions. Your course was very easy to read and understand and I felt very good when I went to take the test. Thank you!! ps ~ I also appreciated the decent pricing :)"
June S. - Glenn, California

"Online help was great, no difficulties with anything. Thank you!"
Cassandra C. - Ventura, California

Eduardo A. - Sonoma, California

"fast and easy."
Estefan D. - Ventura, California

"It was a very easy and interesting course. I learned alot from it, thank you. "
Susanne O. - Riverside, California

"Thank You!!!"
Eric R. - San Diego, California

"I really enjoyed the Green Light Traffic School course. The material was through & easy to understand why driving rules are the way they are . . . to protect all drivers, pedestrians & all other humans & non-humans we may encounter throughout our day while driving. The only thing I thought might be added is to mention the meanings of restrictions of CA driver?s licenses (i.e., must were correct lenses, etc.) Other than that, I really enjoyed the entire course AND I?M THRILLED I PASSED ALL THE QUIZES & FINAL EXAM WITH 100% CORRECT! YEAH!!!"
Mari H. - Alameda, California

"This was not as boring as I thought it was going to be. I actually re-learned several things that I had forgotten over the years. Humor was interjected at various times, exactly like a normal person would be thinking to themselves. It made the course so much less schoolmarmish. Since getting my right-turn on red light ticket, I saw three more people get caught by the same light. However, since that time, Rancho Cordova has changed that very light. Instead of going from yellow to red, it now goes from yellow to green right arrow. #*&^@!"
Joan T. - Sacramento, California

"Thank you"
Michael C. - Lassen, California

"Very straight forward program."
Aryan S. - Los Angeles, California

"An awesome course. It was concise yet informative and it provided me with good information that felt relevant."
Alexander S. - Santa Clara, California

"Great! Thanks!"
Colleen H. - Orange, California

"Very simple and I learned a lot "
Tomas K. - Glenn, California

"it was very convenient"
Aisha B. - Alameda, California

"great course!"
Sharon E. - Sonoma, California

"thanks for making this quick, easy and painless!"
Aravinda P. - Santa Clara, California

"Very Instructive."
Graig H. - Los Angeles, California

"very good online course and easy to navigate."
Richard reinner B. - Sacramento, California

"I contacted you to find out where the LEA/DEF# could be found. Very helpful! Thanks"
Eric A. - Los Angeles, California

"I found a few typos/ misspellings; someone should do a good proofreading. Otherwise pretty clear. I wish it had been a little shorter, more succinct, less repetitive. By the time I got about 3/4ths through, almost everything had already been said. Thank you :)"
Amy G. - San Diego, California

"The language used was simple and precise. A lot of repetition though, does not impress you more, it makes you glaze over. It could be more concise. Overall, a good course that I would recommend. Niki Brown"
Niki B. - Los Angeles, California

"thank you "
Asma C. - Orange, California

"Met my expectations."
Ramona M. - Orange, California

"Thanks for a great experience you guys made this easy and fast!"
Steve R. - Los Angeles, California

"easy to understand - well written. I loved the sarcastic quips as they kept me engaged. :) "
Sylvia T. - San Joaquin, California

"I was very satisfied with the course. "
Dominic R. - Los Angeles, California

"that was easy"
Ping T. - Los Angeles, California

"Very thorough and not completely unenjoyable. Thank you for the refresher."
Gregory F. - Los Angeles, California

"it is a very good program"
Abraham P. - Los Angeles, California

"Extremely easy to follow and a light read. Would completely recommend. Thank you! "
Alfredo B. - Riverside, California

"This is a great Online Traffic School."
Susana S. - Santa Clara, California

"There was at least one section that had a repeated word for word phrase referring to braking and braking when trucks are present. Other than that it was an easy to work with lesson. Thank you. "
Camille A. - Los Angeles, California

"Very pleasant Traffic School experience. Would definitely recommend you guys, if I ever need Traffic School again I'll be using you! Thank you!"
Gregg P. - Alameda, California

"It's a great site, it's easy and I was able to finished the course in just 30-45 Min I love it, Thank you Green light traffic school staff, God Bless you all."
Socorro G. - San Mateo, California

"Great Class. I learned a ton and the site with super easy to navigate. "
Antony A. - Sacramento, California

"Great experience. Thank you."
Teresa I. - Napa, California

"great course thank you"
Armando R. - Santa Clara, California

"great help!"
Gilberto V. - Kern, California

"Informative, easy to follow, well organized. Painless. Thank you!"
Lourdes C. - San Luis Obispo, California

"This course went very smoothly for me. I appreciated the review of traffic rules and I even learned something new."
Elizabeth M. - Sonoma, California

"good class"
Kevin A. - Orange, California

"Excellent program!"
Megan J. - San Mateo, California

"Thank you so much!"
Jailene L. - Sonoma, California

"This is a great course. Thank you."
Harvey D. - Sacramento, California

"Great Course"
Jose T. - Merced, California

"Thank you very much. This was very educational and easy to use."
Patrick S. - Los Angeles, California

"I would try this web site again. loved the course "
Silvia R. - Yolo, California

"Everything was just fine for me. You may want to review your course materials for missing & extra. letters & words."
Stephen W. - Alameda, California

"Thank you this was educational and a great website / course"
David K. - Plumas, California

Thomas W. - Plumas, California

"Good website and material."
Charles R. - San Mateo, California

"Great course, God forbid that I ever need to do this again but if I do I will definitely use GreenLight again. I loved the simple, easy to navigate interface."
Christian C. - Ventura, California

"10. Thank you!"
Rebecca B. - Orange, California

"Thank You!"
Lauren R. - Sonoma, California

"This was a great school, I have completed another online school, and this one was much better. Thank you."
Carly B. - San Diego, California

"Thank you "
Bryan C. - Riverside, California

"A great course i will recommended "
Sandra T. - Los Angeles, California

"This web is very good and easy to understand. "
Chaoran L. - Santa Clara, California

"Awesome Thanks "
Hayde A. - Ventura, California

"The course gives good insights and is truly a refresher course"
Daniel E. - Kern, California

"Thank You"
Jieming B. - Ventura, California

"I appreciated #7 that there were no advertisements or unrelated material displayed at all during the course. Hopefully #4 will prove to be true : ) Thank you. Laurie"
Laurie S. - Orange, California

"Easy to use"
Robert L. - Kern, California

"Very pleasant experience."
James W. - Riverside, California

"Quick and easy to do. Thanks. "
Rene G. - Tulare, California

"A very good update..I think the course should be a yearly or biannual option with a possible financial discount towards potential class or fine. Jut like BLS (basic life support) or CPR, a review is alway a good adjunct to what was once studied. Kenneth "
Kenneth H. - Glenn, California

"Thank you...I think this course should be taken annually, biannual or at some reasonable interval. An option of having a reduced financial debt towards the class or traffic fine might seem appealing....Just like BLS (basic life support ) or CPR classes it is beneficial to review. Kenneth "
Kenneth H. - Glenn, California

"Easy, informative, somewhat entertaining. "
Brittny B. - San Diego, California

"Good information and laid out well with good instructions"
Robert G. - Placer, California

"Great website!!! Asked the chat for a code and she gave me one and I saved $5..thank you!!!"
Karen K. - San Diego, California

"I use Safari and was unable to log in on that computer after my initial log in. I called your toll-fre number and left a message. I have never heard back. A few days later I called a different number on your website and the phone was answered by someone who identified herself with another school. She suggested that I try a different browser or device to log back in. I see that number, where I actually spoke with someone, is no longer on your site. Hopefully, you will return calls you receive on the number you now have listed. When attempting to login, you offer drop down menus for date of birth. However, every time I entered the correct birthday the error message I got told me to enter my birthday as such: mm/did/yyyy. That is not an option. Very frustrating! Thankfully I did not have a problem logging in multiple times on my iPad. "
Laura C. - San Diego, California

"Such great information and a great review about something that we often take for granted. Thank you!"
Anusheh C. - San Francisco, California

"Very Fun and informative class!"
David F. - Santa Barbara, California

"Great course. Easy to read and understand."
Anthony C. - Alameda, California

"I really enjoyed this format of traffic school, it was not boring..thank you!"
Margie C. - Ventura, California

"Quick and Easy, thank you!"
Brandee R. - Riverside, California

Bernardino C. - San Joaquin, California

"Easy to follow. The way it was written made reading it interesting"
Jessica O. - San Bernardino, California

Sargiz G. - Tuolumne, California

"helpful and convenient course. "
Zoe W. - Santa Barbara, California

Emily W. - Kern, California

"Very easy to follow"
Frederick J. - Alameda, California

Gayane H. - Los Angeles, California

"This was a great course. Thank you for making this traffic school course painless to complete. We can all use refreshers on rules of the road especially for those of us who have driven for over 40 years! I learned a few good tips!"
Andrea R. - Sonoma, California

"Thank You!"
Haik G. - Los Angeles, California

"Very intuitive and helpful learning course. Thank you so much for your assistance!"
Andrew B. - Sacramento, California

"fast and easy course"
Salvdor A. - Kern, California

"enjoyed the course"
Md sohel M. - San Bernardino, California

"I actually learned a few things taking this course. I very much liked the easy navigation!"
Johnny M. - Tulare, California

"good time"
James W. - El Dorado, California

"Thank you! That was relatively painless!"
Brooke V. - Los Angeles, California

"This driving school actually taught me a lot and I read the whole thing cause it was worded really interesting "
Rebecca D. - Orange, California

"I LOVED IT! Thank you! super easy, I did this at work today because the provider was out and I had free time. Finished in way less than 2 hours! :) yay"
Ariana Q. - Kern, California

"Thank you!"
Frank K. - San Francisco, California

"Thank you!"
Melanie R. - Los Angeles, California

"Best online traffic school I've ever taken!!!! simple fast and under stable! Thanks a bunch! "
Stephanie F. - Riverside, California

"SO helpful! Thank you. I learned more from this than my driver's ed class."
Jordan L. - Yolo, California

"Easy to understand and well organized."
Marlen O. - Solano, California

"I used you before and it was so simple so I came back...same great experience!"
Sheryl L. - Los Angeles, California

"Good classes, but I would suggest to make it more condensed if possible"
Maxim G. - El Dorado, California

"Great course! Enjoyed the humor!"
Nadine L. - Los Angeles, California

"excellent and easy course the information is very clear "
Jesus R. - Kern, California

"Extremely satisfied. Would recommend to friends. "10" score for all parts of course."
Michael N. - Riverside, California

"I was very pleased with this course because I was able to refresh my drivers education along with answers to questions that we didn't know when talking amongst my peers and family. I ,will recommend to anyone that I know needs online drivers traffic education. Thank you! "
Brando E. - Orange, California

Henry O. - Los Angeles, California

"Very informative class!"
Keegan C. - Ventura, California

"good material overall. it would be good to have more visuals or video type examples, especially for the longer chapters. Great experience with this course"
George D. - Los Angeles, California

"Great course, entertaining material and comments. Honestly, thank you for making this experience a bit easier. "
Ashley C. - Riverside, California

"Great experience-learned a lot!"
Bryan W. - Stanislaus, California

"The second to last section had duplicate sections in it. It needs to be edited. (I think it was Driver Distractions.) Sections were repeated. "
Jane M. - San Mateo, California

"the website is excellent easy access anywhere and the instructions are conveniently simple, easy to follow. The course was intense but puts the student in a reality that being a defensive and safe driver should be strictly followed. Good Job!"
Noel L. - Los Angeles, California

"The course will surely help me be a better driver."
Nancy C. - Los Angeles, California

"This worked really well! Thanks!"
Emily P. - Los Angeles, California

"Thank you!"
Penelope M. - Los Angeles, California

"Great course. Would use it again."
Gregg P. - Alameda, California

"this course was user friendly. I had no issues. "
Russell T. - Kings, California

"Thank you"
Lorenzo C. - Yolo, California

"Great course, thank you!"
Meredith W. - Tehama, California

"Good Traffic School.I learned a lot from reading the lessons. Thank you."
Aida A. - Alameda, California

"I had a question about accessing the final exam and was given the answer I needed. It was resolved."
Theresa Q. - San Mateo, California

"Terrific learning tool. Thanks for all the background info, personal experience, etc."
Janis E. - Placer, California

"I wish there was more interactive information with the student since this course contained a lot of information."
Monica L. - Riverside, California

"it is so helpful the way it work. than you green light"
Aman G. - Kern, California

"It went Ok."
Josef R. - San Mateo, California

"very good course very informative "
Philip E. - San Mateo, California

"Easily understood and effective course."
Ryan G. - Sonoma, California

"Easy and very informational. "
Angelica O. - Fresno, California

"Easy and very informational. "
Angelica O. - Fresno, California

"it was good to refresh my knowledge about driving rules. thank you"
Sujata G. - Orange, California

"Thank you for your help and teaching me to be a better driver."
Cherice G. - Humboldt, California

"I learned a lot from this school. You can easily understand and comprehend all the topics. Thank you"
Mikhaela A. - Fresno, California

"I noticed some question marks when there should be periods and vice versa in your quiz questions, they confused me a bit. Otherwise I enjoyed the course"
Leslie G. - Orange, California

"Good format, was personal and informative. I would suggest reviewing the entire scope for grammar and spelling corrections - there were a few, which causes a distraction from the reading. Thanks and good luck with your business."
Paul K. - San Francisco, California

"Great way to complete traffic school and also great examples of everything. Great way to put everything in perspective and making the course easy to understand and to follow."
Heriberto S. - Orange, California

"this was quite simply the best and informative traffic school i have ever taken."
Ileana C. - San Bernardino, California

"thank you"
Victoria W. - Kern, California

"Thank you great material "
Jorge D. - Orange, California

"It was easy to follow and complete, my only advice might be to do less text on some pages. It was good to have bolded material but there was a lot on some pages!"
Elisa V. - Orange, California

"Well worth reading for improved driving awareness. I am glad I did this"
David T. - Stanislaus, California

"Great content, easy to follow through and complete."
Ryan P. - Los Angeles, California

"Very good course! I would definitely take it again if I had to do so."
Angelica F. - Monterey, California

"Very good experience "
Jin D. - Sacramento, California

"Im very satisfied with this Traffic School setup and material"
Varduhi H. - Los Angeles, California

"it was a fun course. "
Parisa G. - San Bernardino, California

"This was a great reminder of rules you don't always see of have come across. Thanks for the jokes. "
Irma L. - San Diego, California

"Thank you!"
Kayla R. - Santa Barbara, California

"Thank you for making this easy, yet informative!!"
Suzette H. - San Diego, California

Jasmine M. - Los Angeles, California

"I would highly recommend your course...thanks for making the process so streamlined and easy to get through."
Helen F. - Orange, California

"Very informative and easy to fit into my busy schedule."
Michelle H. - Orange, California

"I did the test online and did not contact any instructors"
Juan B. - Tulare, California

"I enjoyed taking this class it was very easy"
Debra B. - Ventura, California

Gil T. - Orange, California

" It was great"
Keanu E. - Orange, California

"this was a very simple process, happy with my experience and will refer friends. thank you!"
Serena C. - Los Angeles, California

"This was great, thank you!!!"
Daniel T. - Orange, California

"Very easy as long as the material is read. "
Claudia C. - Los Angeles, California

"The course was both an excellent refresher and training course. It taught me important lessons I either forgot or did not adequately learn. Many thanks"
J gordon G. - Los Angeles, California

"No problems - thanks for offering this course"
Charles R. - Orange, California

"One question was worded in a confusing way. Other than that, it was easy to follow and no issues."
Rebecca B. - Shasta, California

"very well thought out."
John J. - Nevada, California

"Thank you. It was a great course, and I learned a lot."
Filip P. - Kern, California

"I really enjoyed the presentation of information. It was informative and entertaining to read. Also, repeating the important points multiple times was helpful for memory in the long run. Thanks "
Dawit A. - Alameda, California

"great course.."
Rick J. - Sacramento, California

"Quick and easy registration and straight to the point and easy to read content."
Sarah M. - Riverside, California

"It was will written with easy to understand examples."
Gloria A. - Sacramento, California

"Best driving school!"
Sheena L. - Santa Cruz, California

"Thanks so much...easy to absorb and stay with it!"
Julia N. - Orange, California

Giovanna V. - Sacramento, California

"Easy to sign up. Quick to test and complete."
Margrette L. - San Diego, California

"This is a good course. Thank you for creating this. I learned some valuable lessons. I hope to never speed again. I always love to support mom and pop shops. That is why I paid for the highest selection :)"
Ryan E. - Orange, California

"Great. "
Orkun B. - Orange, California

"great info and avaiablity "
Angelina G. - Orange, California

"great course"
Alex L. - Alameda, California

"Excellent Program! "
James T. - Shasta, California

"There were a few grammatical errors but everything else was excellent. "
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